Acknowledgements & Dedication

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I'd especially like to thank Alan Taylor, who convinced me that I wasn't the only person interested in the stories of St. Bartholomew the Great; and Oliver Webb, the great-great-great-grandnephew of Sir Aston Webb, for information and photographs about the family. Nancy Sparrow, archivist at the University of Texas at Austin, has been hugely helpful in providing information to the Webb archives, and in saving me the expense of a trip to Austin.

In additon the ChurchCrawling mailing list has been an endless supply of information, resources and enthusiasm for my ongoing obsession.

Dr. Peter Webster of British History Online has instrumentally improved my research tools by digitizing all of E.A. Webb's monumental, two volume Records of St. Bartholomew's.

This site is dedicated to three people:

First to my grandfather, Professor Otto Bird, who alone amongst my relatives shares my enthusiasm for ancient churches;

Secondly, to my uncle Ken Peczkowski, a lifelong wellspring of curiosity and kindness;

Finally and forever to my beloved Danika True, for encouraging my peculiar passion for this church, and for sharing my life.

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St. Bart's coat of arms

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